SURSOL 免洗洗手液【消毒喷雾乙醇消毒液水】小瓶便携式 (Spray )灭菌率达99.9% 50ml

SURSOL 免洗洗手液【消毒喷雾乙醇消毒液水】小瓶便携式 (Spray )灭菌率达99.9% 50ml

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SURSOL HAND SANITISER TRAVEL SIZE SPRAY KILLS 99.9% ANTI BACTERIA 50ML NEW Instant Hand Sanitiser’s nontoxic, non-flammable formula kills the germs on your hand by killing the pathogens before they enter your body.

• Infection control faces ever increasing challenges – Increasing emerging infections – Increasing resistant organisms – Budgetary restraints, staff shortage
• For decades, the alcohol-based gels have been the only available hand sanitizer option, despite the known disadvantages associated with them.
× Alcohol only works against germs when wet × – as soon as it dries out it STOPS WORKING. × It has no residual germ-killing effect. × Once alcohol has evaporated the germ killing action has stopped.
ˣ Extended use of alcohol sanitisers and extensive washing of the hands has been shown to lead to ICD.  Irritable Contact Dermatitis ˣ 85% of hospital workers suffer from some form of ICD ˣ As result up to  80% of hospital workers do not apply a sanitiser as often as required by Infection Control.
  • Ideal for use in a multitude of environments.
  • For use anywhere where the transfer of germs, by hand, is a concern.
  • Dries on hands instantly with no rinsing required.
  • Fits easily in pockets, handbags, backpacks and nappy bags.
  • Leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed with moisturisers.
  • Packaged in easy to use pump top bottles.
        Fragrance free.

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